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Images courtesy of Gulf Oil, Greenlight, Michael Keyser, and Dan Chapman.



Movie Magic is about the years Bill O’Hare spent in the movie business as a top advertising and marketing executive at DCA, Continental Distributors, MGM, Cinema Center Films, and Paramount and Columbia Pictures, working with movie stars like John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin and Elvis Presley. In his wildest dreams he never imagined a kid like himself from the tiny hamlet of Lake Placid, New York, would someday be working at these mythical companies, much less meeting and working with movie stars. Even more astonishing is that these stars would actually listen to what he had to say.

Movie Magic gives the audience inside access to the marketing successes of iconic films such as Doctor Zhivago, The Dirty Dozen, Viva Las Vegas, A Man Called Horse and the 1967 re-release of Gone With The Wind, as well as the box office busts such as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Steve McQueen's Le Mans.

With stories of being chauffeured in a Rolls Royce with Sophia Loren to being at the Le Mans race track with Steve McQueen, Movie Magic recounts amusing, sometimes juicy tales, mixed in with some of O’Hare’s marketing and advertising savvy, which played a part in creating “movie magic.”

Image courtesy of Deliverance Productions.

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